LaLa :)

Aa I wander through the green, green, grassy glades

with valleys swathed in darkness.

In deep dark tunnels of despair,

All my burdens laid on my shoulders

I know that I am his Sleep and he is my Shepherd.

With every footstep I take he guides my way,

when I stumble He lifts me up,

And leads me through valleys far and wide.

Streams flow and meander with life-giving water.

A place where I can sit and stay.

With him I am at peace.

He knows my every thought,

Even the secrets of my heavy heart.

His blessings fill my every day.

With his spirit I know I am safe.

I foresee the light of heaven.

All around the crafted colours of creation.

His arms outstretched to comfort me.

His caring calming voice,

Leads me to a place of Peace. 🙂


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