Make A Wish

There I am standing looking in the mirror, tears rolling down my face, thinking, ‘ Why is it that this world is all going wrong? Is it the human race? Is this world meant for people to fight, argue, scream and not live in peace? Is this the way people want to live? I lay down on my bed and another thought came to mind. There is always another way around the hatred in this world. There will be and always will be, another door leading to Love. Then I smiled to myself and whispered “Yeah, I want to live through that door.”

Doors You are so Pretty….

You are so Pretty, My darling,

Your delightful, angelic grace is sparkling.

You smile lights up my day,

Like the sun rising in the morning.

You are so Dashing, I do say.

Kiss me now, baby, gently one more time,

So my heart will sing for you.

Hug me now, lightly and caressingly,

My love is yours, incessantly.

Your shadow is unique, untouchable,

Charming, invincible, unbeatable,

Exquisite, adorable, unrepeatable.

You are so Special to me,

I love you dearly. 🙂


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